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Sports preparation

Sport form is observed and analyzed through the results. The result is a gold medal, achieving his personal record, or "winning against you." Achieving sports form, which is applied in my work, includes the preservation of the structure and function of different types of tissues in the body athletes and friendly relations between them and at the same time operational efficiency in the competition.

Body of an athlete is not the same as for ordinary people who do not train regularly. High levels of the load and intensity during training and competition shapes sports body and neurophysiologic processes in a special way. Increasing load and intensity is imposed as a logical solution and often occurs state of overtraining. It is necessary to rationalize the ratio of investment and profit from training.

Physiological aspects - The neuro-muscular level

In basketball, athletics, swimming, weightlifting and other sports branches it is a very common situation when you need to use a particular muscle and speed up or achieve great power and right to those with adequate muscle on the opposite side of the body to perform the same relaxation pre-activated muscles. How to get to the higher levels of activation? How to maintain the achieved level of activation of individual muscles? To answer these questions it is necessary to reach solution during the preparation of athletes for competition by selecting the sophisticated methods and means of training loadsā€¦

Physiological aspects - Energy Working Level

The training aspect implies that the system of practicing have an effect on body cells. There are a huge number of cells, tens of millions of cells... Impact is conducted so as to take into account the physiological principles: catabolism (decomposition of the body, cells, during training) and anabolic (body building in the recovery process); established zones of intensity of training loads and the duration of rest between sets, between the various exercises, between the individual training - based on these parameters action is implemented on the body to increase muscle strength, speed, enduranceā€¦ depending on what is the goal. Based on these data load simulator is planned, finished workout and current progress are analyzed.


Avoiding any situation which changes the balance in tissue structure, morphology, functional capabilities, provides significant and quality results. Training in conditions that are not optimal for the preservation of health, in perspective will lead to injury after few years of such training activity. I responsibly claim that any physical training under my umbrella has a positive effect on all organ systems of the body, as well as the psychological state.

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