Welcome. My name is Marko. On this page I will present to you some basic information regarding me and my athlethic, educational and employment career. I was born in the 1979, Belgrade, Serbia.

By profession I am a Master of Sport Science and Physical preparation. In addition to the titles I am Strength coach for sports and fitness.

During my career, I had the opportunity to train athletes who participated at the National, European and World Championships (swimmers, basketball, handball, athletics), and since 2007, along with top athletes I trained recreational althlets, who are mostly top managers.

Sports career

First contact with sport I made in 1991 when I started to practice in Waterpolo club Partizan Belgrade, team that was 6 times champion of Europe, ( I practiced waterpolo for 6 years.

In 1992 I started practicing at the stadium of JNA, Belgrade, which belongs to "Partizan", which is one of the best organized sports organizations in Europe ( There I started to train under the auspices of Slobodan Surbanovica (state champion and record holder in weightlifting), probably the best fitness trainer in the former Yugoslavia. I collaborated with him until 2005. While working with the great expert and man, I had the opportunity to learn and experience how modern fitness training and training that delivers results feel in my own skin. Also, I learned methods, "worth of gold", of fitness and conditioning practice with weight lifters, athletes, swimmers, basketball, handball, triathlon...

At 18 I started to practice parachuting, which I did for a year. For that year I had 21 jumps.

In 1998, a major milestone began in my life. That is when I first heard about the triathlon and I started to practice this Olympic sport for next 5 years, I trained and competed in triathlon at all distances under Milivoj Dopsaj guidance and supervision. (Milivoj Dopsaj is State champion and record holder in swimming, and now a Professor at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in the Analysis and Diagnostics in sports, University of Belgrade). During active triathlon training, I cooperate with Zoran Obradovic, a doctor of Sports science, the great humanist, athlete and coache who now lives and works in USA. Practicing triathlon, I've made a great training and educational experiences that shaped my profile as a coach. Till this day I still practice thriatlon, not on professional level, but as an amateur.

In July 2004, my sports career was put to a hold, when I was hit by a truck from behind while I was riding the bike during an official training. Truck driver fall a sleep behind a wheel. Thanks to the strong muscle constitution and with proper dosage of exercise, six months after the crash my body was fully recovered and there were no cosenquences of the accident.

Since 2008 until today, I recreationaly compete in triathlon, marathon, half marathon, and swimming. I continued recreational parachuting since 2009.

Between 2011 – 2016 I successfully completed 14 demanding Triathlon races: Ironman France, Abu Dhabi International Triathlon (2013. Long course; 2014 and 2015. Medium course). As well as Ironman70.3 in the following countries: Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan, Austria, Thailand, Germany (twice), Italy, Spain, UAE. All races in seasons 2014 and 2015 was completed together with a great person, my wife and colleague – Jelena Ristic (for more information about Jelena, please visit


In 2000. I graduated at Sports Academy in Belgrade, majoring in Sports Strength and Fitness, with an average mark of 8.34 (10.0 max). I was the first student who graduated in my generation.

2009. I graduated from the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Belgrade, majoring in Conditional training of athletes, with an average mark of 8.94 (10.0 max).

From December 2014. I am already Master of Sport Science and Physical preparation. I took Master Degree on Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Belgrade.

Work experience

2001 - 2005 Swimming club, swimming coach in "Freestyle", Belgrade. Contact person: Neshman Milojevic, Professor of sport, the owner, and Radenko Miskovic (State champion in the 50m butterfly, sports coach who is now working in the USA, which unselfishly passed to me his vast knowledge).

2006 - 2007 Conditioning coach in basketball club "Partizan", Belgrade ( Contact person Vladimir Koprivica, Strength coach of the senior team and Professor at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, on the Theory of sport, University of Belgrade.

2007 - 2010 Fitness Coach (Personal Coach) in "City Wellness", Belgrade (

Since June 2010 - present I working as a Fitness coach and Manager of "The 27th Fitness Center" – 5-star Fitness Center; The Tornado Tower, Doha, Qatar.

As well, I preparing to open elite Center for Physical and Fitness Preparation in Belgrade, Serbia. CFP will setup new globe standards in the fields of Physical preparation and Fitness.(for more information, please visit

2006. I served in the Army for 6 months, as a regular soldier (it was mandatory on that time) in the elite and prestigious 63rd Parachute Brigade (63. Padobranska brigada).

Thanks to these activities and experts with whom I had the opportunity to work and to learn from, after graduation, after thousands of kilometers swam, tens of thousands of kilometers rune, after more than 75 000km crossed on a bicycle, and who knows how many tons of weight lifted in gym, I reached a certain level of knowledge and experience while working with the amateurs and athletes.

My knowledge in training, I will gladly share with you in order for best results to be achieved regardless of whether it is recreation or professional sport.