Latest diagnostic equipment is used for exact evaluation of the physical status of clients. Clinical evaluation of the physical status of clients is an essential preliminary step toward designing targeted trainings and training procedures, and proper diet. Complex tests that apply in their work:

Assessment of bioelectrical impedance of body structure - BIA

Structure and Relationships different types of tissues

The complete structure of the body is determined by bioelectrical impedance, that provides a detailed picture of the amount of certain tissues in the body. Based on the characteristics of electrical conductivity of tissue is only possible to give a true and accurate, within the organism, determine the amount of fat mass, amount of muscle mass, water volume and extracellular fluid volume.

In addition to these indicators bioelectrical impedance provides information on the corner of the phase flow of energy through the cells, as well as the energy of the body during rest (basal metabolism). The obtained data allow precise programming of nutrition that complies with certain training program.

Assessment of the morphological status

Morphological measurements

Morphological measurement involves a standard procedure of measuring and voluminous length segments. The obtained results in combination with other data determine the effects of proportionality of the body to certain developments. From the obtained values can be evaluated length of the joint structures and the portion of bone components within. The measurements include: height, height of body in a sitting position, then the chest, upper arm, abdomen, hips…

Assessment of functional abilities

Functional Test

To examine the level of functional capacity of the organism standard test procedures of test Cooper and test Conconi on a treadmill are carried out. Through the progression of cardiac pulse during the increasing load, indirect assessment is made regarding the level of aerobic and anaerobic threshold. After completing the test, we get the value of oxygen consumption, which is the exact level of current functional capacity of the body, as well as insight into the health of the client. Based on oxygen consumption, or state of the organism, we plan to structure the training in the future.