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"The race of 42 kilometers begins with one step"

These programs are designed for the recreational training process, "professional amateurs", as well as with top athletes. All programs are implemented in work with personal trainer - "one on one", and to achieve the goal, which was previously defined with the practitioner, coach is directly responsible; In this case that being me.

Personal training

Personal training is designed according to your needs and abilities, with the constant presence of the trainers, who take care of your every movement and your progress. Working with a personal trainer eliminates the risk of injury during training and getting used to the wrong moves and allows you to use time set aside for training - to focus only on training.

No matter how old you are and what your current physical condition is, with a personal trainer exercise is more efficient, development is more rapid and learning your own limits becomes a real challenge of its own. Personal training is a complex approach; it is the highest form of training.

Personal training contains a very important component, probably the most essential, and that is the motivational factor that I constantly apply while working with my clients.

In working with the amateurs, the first results are achieved after 4 weeks of training, while good results are achieved at 10-12 weeks.

With athletes, first results come after 10-14 days, while the sports shape is reached after 4 weeks.


Weight loss

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Sports preparation

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Age 13-19

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