markocoach GROW

Development, extension and control the growth of tissue

Synchronizing of growing tissue I completely solve because I know the laws in the progression of advancement. The mechanism is following: growth of tissue is replaced with its homogenization. In the process of tissue growth control and training, even endomorphic type (weight gain) as a phase that is used to reach a clean type mesomorph (athletic, muscular type) organism. In this program work is focused predominantly on the exercise load, which include exercise with free weights, exercise on most modern machines, exercises with one’s own weight...

The emphasis is on gradual introduction of the organism in this phase - the step-by-step, to avoid injury, learn the proper techniques involved in exercises and to facilitate the harmonious development of skeletal-muscle system. Also, this program involves the application of fast walking, running, cycling or Nordic skiing in order to improve the function of cardio-vascular system to the optimum level.

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