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Do you know what can be achieved with your body? I know. My decades of experience as a conditioning and fitness coach, skills I’ve learned while studying about functioning of the body during training loads and the use of modern methods of training - I will gladly apply all of those while working with you.

Have you ever wanted to look better than you currently do? Have you ever wanted to run 5km faster and longer than you currently can? To increase the power of your muscles? To feel better, and to tolerate stress more easily? To do something smart and beneficial for your health?

Probably you have. That is normal. I know you have concluded that all of the mentioned is impossible or very hard to accomplish. My experience tells me that you're wrong! Experience followed by dozens and dozens of satisfied customers … It is up to you to give me a chance, the rest is up to me!

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"These programs are designed for the recreational training process," professional amateurs ", as well as with top athletes. All programs are implemented in work with personal trainer - "one on one", and to achieve the goal, which was previously defined with the practicioner, coach is directly responsible; In this case that being me.


Weight loss

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Age 13-19

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